NewFresh at a glance

The issue

20% of fresh fruits and vegetables (F & V) are lost every year in the EU28 due to deterioration (caused by the activity of microorganisms – bacteria, fungi – and the release of ethylene gas in F & V’s).

Yearly impact in the EU28

2,3 Mt lost
6,400 M€ wasted

Our solution

NewFresh is a multi-active carton packaging solution that extends up to 40% the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables (proven efficacy in many fresh products such as tomato, pepper, lemon, broccoli, stone fruits, etc. ).


Natural active substances

Ethylene scavenger function

Essential oils (EOs)

Antimicrobial and antioxidant

Nanoencapsulated in natural substances

Prevent Eos premature loss by evaporation (key achievement)

Water-based polymeric emulsion

Waterproofing properties. Applied in the regular manufacturing of cardboard packaging

Current solutions in the market

Anfigungal coating on the F&V surface or UV radiation
Consumer’s distrust. UV is not authorized in all Member States.
Modified atmosphere
Only for high-added value products that can be cut (ready-to-eat salads)
Ethylene scavenger sachets / films
No antimicrobial activity

NewFresh Unique Selling Points

  • Antimicrobial, antioxidant and ethylene scavenger functions
  • Corrugated/micro-corrugated cardboard solution: the materials preferred by more than 70% of the F&V companies
  • Highly versatile: packaging of different size and shapes adapted to any F&V company needs