Where was it born?

01.Makes use of nanotechnology to harness EOs’ power to extend the shelf-life.

NewFresh is the only solution that provides multi-active function: antimicrobial and antioxidant activity and ethylene removal function. This is due to the fact that we have been able to solve all the technological challenges that have prevented until now the use of EOs in the food industry.

02. Full integration in the packaging system.

NewFresh is the only solution that is fully integrated in the packaging system, because the multi-active component is applied over the cardboard itself. Therefore, is the easiest and most cost-effective solution to adopt by the F&V companies (no change of habits or special care at handling required).

03. Full integration in the manufacturing process.

NewFresh has the lower operation costs, since it does not imply the investment in expensive equipment or the implementation of additional steps during the packaging manufacturing process. Cardboard trays are normally coated with a waterproofing water-based polymeric emulsion. Fresh Tray’s multi-active agent will be added to this water-based polymeric emulsion and applied together.

04.High versatility to cover any users’ needs.

We can manufacture virtually multi- active packaging of any size or shape. Therefore, NewFresh is the only solution that can be adopted from the beginning of the F&V supply chain (harvesting moment) and until the end of it (retail point and households), protecting the produce during the whole journey (other solutions are applied just from the processing stage, which in addition doesn’t always take place).