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1. The Newfresh active carton is particularly suitable for use in the bulk packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables, to improve their quality and the preservation of product freshness, and thus extend their shelf life. 2. These whole fresh fruit and vegetables can be packed in direct contact with the Newfresh active carton or in combination with liners or plastic film bags to protect the product from dehydration, by use of excessive air speeds, or when they are particularly sensitive to dehydration (aromatic herbs, lettuces, broccoli, …). In some cases, it is recommended, together with this active box, to use covers (of macro-perforated plastic film or macro-perforated paraffin paper) to improve the conditions of conservation of the product. In any case, covers (made of one material or another) should always be used on the top boxes of each pallet, to avoid the dehydration of the product packed in those boxes. 3. Also, this active Newfresh carton can be used in combination with cellulose, cardboard, etc., such as those used for some vegetables (tomatoes, aubergines, …), stone fruits (peaches, …) and other fruits (such as avocado, …). 4. The use of this type of Newfresh active packaging may mean that it is not necessary to use plastic film bags which produce a certain modified atmosphere to extend the shelf life of the product. And it can make SO2 emitting bags or pads or ethylene adsorbers unnecessary. In these cases, to establish the most suitable conditions for the use of this active box, you should consult SAECO technicians. 5. This Newfresh cardboard active box can also be used for fresh produce that comes packaged in primary packaging, such as macro-perforated plastic film bags or baskets (plastic film or cardboard) wrapped in flow-pack with macro-perforated plastic film. The Newfresh active box also promotes the preservation of these packaged products because the active agents released from the wall and bottom of the box reach the product through the film and the macro-perforations. 6. This type of active Newfresh carton packaging can be manufactured in the form of micro-corrugated or cardboard baskets or trays, and can be applied in the primary packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, including stone fruits, grapes, lettuces, buds, strawberries, blueberries and other berries, tomatoes, peppers, etc. 7. The use of this active Newfresh carton box is particularly suitable for transporting produce to distant markets because it extends shelf life and better maintains product quality and freshness, but it is also recommended for use in nearby markets because it maintains the quality and freshness of the fruit and vegetables until they reach the consumer, who will perceive the product as freshly harvested. 8. The use of this active Newfresh carton contributes to the decrease in the use of plastic, because in many cases the use of plastic is not necessary, or can be reduced by more than 80%. 9. The use of this Newfresh active box, due to its antimicrobial nature, contributes to the improvement of the food safety of the product, and to the reduction of losses due to rotting and deterioration of fresh fruit and vegetables, thus increasing the sustainability of the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain, leading to a very significant reduction of the water and carbon footprint of these products. The use of this active Newfresh box reduces the environmental impact of the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain. 10. For each application of this Newfresh active box, and to know the details of the conditions of use in each case and product, and also to propose new validation tests of this active packaging in any product, it is recommended to contact/consult with the manufacturer SAECO, so that a specialist technician can determine these precise conditions of use, in order to achieve the best results in terms of product conservation and extension of freshness and shelf life. Contact: Email: antonio.lopez@newfresh.es ; tf: 629 048 519 Since the quality and conservation of fresh fruit and vegetables depends on many factors other than the packaging conditions, the SAECO company cannot be held responsible for the improper use of this Newfresh active packaging, nor for product losses due to factors other than packaging, such as inadequate control of temperature and relative humidity conditions, excessive air speed (which can lead to dehydration), inadequate product quality at the time of packaging in this active packaging (because it has mechanical damage, advanced hidden pathologies and which manifest themselves during conservation, etc.). ), or that the product is stored and transported in inappropriate conditions or for an excessive length of time, as may occur in the case of use of the transport system under “groupage” conditions.

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