How does it work?

Food waste is a serious issue with unfortunate environmental and economic consequences. In the EU28 20% of the fresh F&V – equivalent to 2.3 Mt – are wasted due to spoilage. This means a yearly economic loss of 6,400 M€, the emission in vain of 4.4 Mt of CO2 and the consumption of 6.7 Mt of natural resources .

NewFresh is a new solution of multi-active cardboard packaging that, thanks to the application of an advanced multi-active coating on the internal surface of the cardboard, delays the process of deterioration of F & V and increases its useful life up to more than 40% ( validated results in different fresh F & V). The container releases the antimicrobial active agents only when the product is loaded in the container and not before.


Contains natural nanoencapsulated and non-encapsulated substances that make the NewFresh multi-active container have a triple effect:


EOs report antimicrobial activity, so they decrease the presence of microorganism responsible of the spoilage process (moulds and bacteria) and of pathogenic microorganism like Listeria monocytogenes.


EOs are also acknowledge by their antioxidant properties, so they avoid the F&V browning or unwanted changes of colour.

Ethylene scavenger:

the α-CD have the capacity to absorb the ethylene emitted by the F&V, so they delay the ripening process.